The Neuropedia Institute was established in Dubai when its CEO and Medical Director Mr. Arif Khan moved to the Middle East with a vision to create an institute where children affected by developamental/speech disorders can be provided with the best medicinal care and other treatments. And one thing for which it is very much held in high regards can be attributed to providing the best Speech and Language Therapy in Dubai City.

So there are several reasons as to why speech delays actually occur, and one of them is Autism. So if you are wondering what is Autism, then read on further.

Autism is a developmental disorder that is typically diagnosed when the child is somewhere around 5 years of age. However, its symptoms can be identified when the children are around 2 years old. The affected children show poor communication skills when interacting with other people. At present, research reveals that around one in 68 children is autistic.

However, Speech Delay is not completely attributed to Autism alone and there are several other reasons for your children to face speech delays and other such related problems.

Speaking of Speech Delay in Children, they can prove to be a very much emotional blow for their parents also as they might get worried regarding their children’s social interactions and ultimately social/behavioural aspects.

Neuropedia has already made strides in helping children affected with autism overcome their problems and it has been very much trusted by everyone for its effective Autism related therapies. Having handled several children affected with speech disorders, it now has the needed expertise when it comes to giving the best speech therapy-related treatment in Dubai.

speech delay in children Now Neuropedia is held in high regard as the Best Pediatric Neurology Clinic in Dubai that is dedicated to treating children and adolescents struggling from developmental and speech-related disorders. It can very well diagnose signs of speech delaybefore the problems spiral out of control.

Having some of the Best Speech Therapists in Dubai, Neuropedia combines a multitude of specialties within a single roof so as to ascertain that every diagnosis is 100% correct.

Neuropedia has further conducted programs and organized workshops/seminars oriented with the problem of speech delays and the importance of associated therapy sessions across the Gulf region.

The institute uses only the state of the art equipment and very friendly doctors when it comes to carrying out the most complex investigations that are associated with your child’s speech-related problems.

All the medicinal professionals in Neuropedia come from some of the best medicinal institutes from across the world where everyone embraces you and your children with open hands. Further, we are more than determined in our mission to feed an aura of positivity into your life. 

By now you will very well know who offers the best Children Speech Therapy Sessions in Dubai and we at Neuropedia firmly believes in bringing your children out of whatever the medicinal/speech delay disorder your child will be facing and we will ensure everything for your child to have a normal and most importantly a happy childhood like all his/her peers.

We are satisfied in our work only when your child gets the needed therapies and nurtures finally into a very happy and charming individual brightening up yours and other’s happiness by leaps and bounds.

We have been reputed by many for providing the best children speech therapy in Dubai for all children affected by speech disorders. We also do understand the immense pressure you are facing related to the social stigma of your child. But rest assured we will get them to speak normally as others do in a short period.

Should you notice any signs of speech delay in your child, then reach out to our best speech therapists in Dubai immediately. Leave your child’s speech issues in our responsible and safe hands, and we will show you why Neuropedia is the best when it comes to this profession.
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