First Visit


Please arrive atleast 15 minutes before your childs scheduled appointment

Please bring the following items with you

  • Referral from your Pediatrician/primary care physician
  • Any records of your child’s developmental monitoring.
  • Copies of blood investigations, CD’s of MRI’s or CT scans
  • All medications that are being taken along with the prescription
  • Teacher’s reports if available
  • Copies of educational and psychological testing if available.
  • Video/cell phone footage of any abnormal episode that has been witnessed
What happens at the visit?

Firstly, we will ask about your child’s medical history. Next, we will perform a neurological examination. We will take your child through a series of simple maneuvers to test strength, coordination, sensation, reflexes etc.

Finally, we will discuss your child’s condition with you. We will go over the diagnosis, explain the need for further testing, and implement a plan of action to resolve the problem.

You will also received a detailed medical report explaining your child’s condition (This will be sent to you or could be collected at a later date)

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