Air Travel tips for children with Autism

Air Travel tips for children with Autism

Children with Autistic spectrum disorder have poor social skills. They fail to understand facial expressions or emotions in other people. Each child with ASD would need his or her own individualized behavioral program to help them with these differences.
Getting your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder on to a Flight could be a nightmare for some of you. Children with ASD can have meltdowns in environments that are unfamiliar and alien for them. These meltdown can result in security concerns at the airports like the wearing of seat belts, issues of being seated while take-off and landing, and many more. Many airports have started providing special training to airline staff and airport staff to handle individuals with autism and cater with their needs.

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Autism Treatment in Dubai

Why Children with Autism Cannot Follow Instructions

There are different reasons why your kid doesn’t follow instructions, from the absence of abilities to do certain errands, to trouble preparing words, to the absence of inspiration. A good mnemonic to remember for this is ‘HASH SUCCEED’, According to Dr. Arif Khan. If you have a child with autism who is not listening to your instructions or you’re unable to get a particular instruction across, these are the things you need to think about.

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Epilepsy doctor dubai

Epilepsy and Myths: An Unholy Alliance

In spite of extensive research all over the world, the condition called Epilepsy has not yet been fully understood. However, we have enough evidence to explain its underlying mechanism and rationale for treatment. Over the many years that epilepsy survived, it has evolved into what we now term as a ‘disorder’. Various medical explanations and hypotheses have been embraced by a major section of the society. However, the long-standing myths and misconceptions still exist in different parts of the world. Many children with epilepsy in India are still a victim of these myths. I have tried exploring some of these in this article. The misconception listed below are the common ones.
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Migraine in children -childneuroconsult

Migraine in children :Does if affect children and does lifestyle matter?

Yes, Migraine does affect children. It affects 2% of five year olds and 18% of 13-14 year olds. Migraine in many children can go undiagnosed due to unawareness on the part of parents and sometimes doctors. This can lead to significant negative impact on the child’s social wellbeing, scholastic achievement and self-esteem.
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‘My child’s first seizure’ Why does it occur, what do I do? Dr. Arif Khan

To see your child having his or her first seizure is a frightening event in your life. It is of utmost importance to remember that you’re relating the event to the doctor in the most accurate manner will go a long way in making an accurate diagnosis. The doctor will first try to differentiate whether the event was an epileptic seizure or not. A clear first-hand eye-witness account is crucial in this assessment. We usually recommend parents to video these events in the cases of children with recurrent seizures. Video assessment of the event is probably the most important investigation in the diagnosis of epilepsy.
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Pediatric Neurologist in Dubai

Pediatrician in Dubai – Dr. Arif Khan

UAE and in particular Dubai has some of the best Pediatric clinics/medicinal institutes and is soon going to turn into the global medical tourism hub by the turn of the next decade for sure. It has some of the most advanced and state of the art medicinal facilities along with experienced medical staff who can deal with the field of Pediatrics that effectively.

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Best Pediatric Neurologist

Best Pediatric Neurologist in Dubai

When it comes to Child Neurology treatment services, Neuropedia from Dubai has a passionate team of healthcare professionals who have several years of expertise having worked across the entire globe. We proudly have physicians from some of the best healthcare institutes in the world who can get your child to lead a happy and normal life like his/her peers.

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