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Smartphone Screen Time Linked with Nearsightedness in Teens

According to a population-based study, teens spending more time on smartphone screens can become more nearsighted than those who take breaks. Studies show that non-stop use of screens and smartphones was linked with more myopic refractive errors, especially in cases where there is low outdoor exposure. Therefore, teenagers need to take frequent breaks and lessen […]

Corona-somnia: Sleep and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sleep is essential for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing as well as for effective immune responses. Getting an adequate amount of sleep protects the body from developing various major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, curbs stress, depression, anxiety. Good sleep promotes emotional wellness. 

Air Travel tips for children with Autism

Children with Autistic spectrum disorder have poor social skills. They fail to understand facial expressions or emotions in other people. Each child with ASD would need his or her own individualized behavioral program to help them with these differences. Getting your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder on to a Flight could be a nightmare for […]

Kids With ADHD Need Extra Support From Parents during COVID 19: Tips From Dr. Arif Khan

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a brain disorder that could result in hyperactivity among the children affected. Practicing preventive measures of COVID 19, like physical distancing and social isolation can lead to unforeseen changes that may worsen the symptoms of ADHD or lead to other mental health conditions like anxiety or depression in […]

Epilepsy and Myths: An Unholy Alliance

In spite of extensive research all over the world, the condition called Epilepsy has not yet been fully understood. However, we have enough evidence to explain its underlying mechanism and rationale for treatment. Over the many years that epilepsy survived, it has evolved into what we now term as a ‘disorder’. Various medical explanations and […]