Factors Affecting Water Intake Dr. Arif khna

How Much Water Do You Need to Drink Every Day?

Water is one of the most essential nutrients on the planet. Without water, life, simply, cannot exist. It’s the principal chemical component of our body and, around two-thirds of the human body weight, somewhere between 55% and 75%, is composed of water.

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Factors Leading to Corona-somnia

Corona-somnia: Sleep and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sleep is essential for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing as well as for effective immune responses. Getting an adequate amount of sleep protects the body from developing various major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, curbs stress, depression, anxiety. Good sleep promotes emotional wellness. 

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Online Learning Challenges Faced By Students On The Autism Spectrum p (2)

4 Online Learning Challenges Faced By Students On The Autism Spectrum

The advent of the novel coronavirus on the planet has brought a lot of changes for all of us, especially children. One such drastic change that happened in the lives of children is the concept of virtual learning. Well, before the pandemic, it was merely a concept. As the cases started to increase, the schools worldwide shut down, with an estimated 1.2 billion children sitting at home. This has led the schools to take up the possibility of virtual learning to ensure the continuity of education among children. Currently, students around the globe have adapted differently to virtual learning- while some find it extremely comfortable without any distractions, others find it remarkably difficult to concentrate. However, virtual learning is particularly challenging for kids with the autistic spectrum- a group of tiny tots who find consistency and routine very important in their life.

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